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  • Imposter in Space Horror
  • Imposter in Space Horror
  • Imposter in Space Horror
  • Imposter in Space Horror
Description of Imposter in Space Horror

You go to conquer other planets, your team flies quietly on the ship, but everything was calm until a certain moment.. Your partner disappeared, everyone was a little out of it, but continued to work and follow the further course of the ship. You are a pilot and you are not distracted by anything, as you watch the flight. But suddenly it turns out that you are the last survivor! Your task is to survive, to understand what is happening, maybe there is an impostor among you? But how do you survive, send a signal for help to the ground, or fight yourself?
But the most important thing is to survive, because you have an important mission - the colonization of an exoplanet.

And also, the escape campaign, you have to find out who it is or what it is, how it got on the ship, whether there is a monster under the spacesuit.. or maybe it's just your own man who turned out to be a traitor.

You had no idea how hard it is to keep track of a spaceship. At any second, the lights may go out, the navigation system may break, but this is half the trouble.. after all, do not forget that you are being pursued by a traitor. Also, do not forget about the oxygen level in the room. amgas us As it turned out, there are many dangers in space.

Imposter game 3d - An interesting horror game in which users expect a lot of intrigue. You will have a hard time, you need to control a spaceship that has been infiltrated by a monster trying to eliminate the crew. This game is full of various events and intrigues.

This is space survival, the storyline will tell about the terrible circumstances that turned the life of the ship upside down. The whole point is that suddenly a dangerous traitor in space made an insidious attack on the crew and now you have to fight a long battle to survive... The ship consists of a variety of different sectors that you need to study up and down to be able to destroy the enemy by cunning. It will be very difficult to do this, because there are many unpredictable circumstances ahead of you.

There is a group of astronauts who went on an expedition on a starship, and who will live to complete it is unknown, as well as it is unknown who this terrible impostor is.
Your character is a funny pixel astronaut, although this is the only funny thing here. The rest is the unknown and eerie darkness of space that spawned a monster on your ship. Join the traitor simulator and participate in the scary survival game.

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